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My name is Herman Campbell, and this is a shot of me in my "ham shack". I first became interested in amateur radio back in 1956 while in high school. Our school had a radio club W5RFS. I joined, received my novice license "KN5GRK" in 1956 which was only good for one year. After it expired, I never pursued ham radio until man years later. Some ham radio friends of mine kept insisting that I should get back into the hobby, and after some threats and pushing, I finally gave in to them. I tested and received my Tech. License with the call "KC5LTJ". It seemed that everyone in this area had a KC5LTů. something or other, so when the vanity calls came out, I applied and received my old vanity call back again. BTW, I still have the original license. I thought mabee I would give you a brief idea of what my radio room (a.k.a shack) looks like at the present time. I hope to make some changes as time goes by, it is by far what I would like it to be.

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This is a shot of the center of my operator's desk. You can see
that I am running an Icom IC-7200 transceiver on 80 75 40 20 10 meters with a Astron 35A power supply driving a Yaesu FL-2100B linear amplifier with a MFJ 989C  Roller Inductor tuner. 
     I also run a Icom IC-2100H on two meters with a Astron 12A power supply  .I also have a AES PK-88 that I use on packet on occasions. I power the ICOM-730 with a Heath HP1144 20 amp power supply, the ICOM 2100H with a Astron RS 12A power supply.
     I have a dual band Kenwood TM-V71A with a Astron 25A power supply. 
     You can normally find me on 75 meters each evening on the followings nets: 
Louisiana Traffic Net - M/W/F/S @ 1800 hrs CT 3910 KHz
Gulf Coast SB Net - Monday thru Sunday @ 0030Z 3925 KHz.
Delta 75 Net - Monday thru Saturday @ 1900 hrs 3905 KHz.


   Shown above top is my Yeasu FL-2100B that I acquired from the estate sale of Stu  Rhoner WD5FDD now a Silent Key .  Shown at bottom is my Icom IC-7200 Transceiver and my Icom IC-2100H VHF Transceiver.    Above is a shot on the right side of my radio console showing a 
small TV  at top and my Icom IC-706 MK2G ("Go-kit") and my Kenwood TM-V71A ("Go-kit").

  Above is a shot of the left side of my ham station showing my Samsung LM-2165W Laser printer and my desktop Core2 computer running 
Windows 10.
  Above is another shot of the left side of my ham radio shack showing my computer and monitor.  You can also see my Icom SM8 desk microphone.  Underneath is a storage area 

  Above is my Icom IC-7200 Transceiver.      Above is my Icom IC-2100H 2 meter transceiver and MFJ-989C 2 KW Roller Inductor.

  This is my Kenwood TM-V71A dual band transceiver mounted on a piece of heavy gauge Plexiglas to make a VHF/UHF Go-kit.  Just plug in 110 vac  and a dual band antenna and you are ready to go.  My VHF/UHF Go-kit has a 25 amp switching power supply mounted on the board.  Right now I am using it as a stand-by base station connected to a Blackbird dual band "J" pole antenna up 15 feet at back of QTH.


  Above is my Icom IC-706 MK2G transceiver  and MFJ 986 Antenna Tuner.
It is mounted on a piece of heavy gauge Plexiglas along with a speaker as Go-kit.  Just needs 12 volts dc and HF antenna.
  This is my CDE antenna controller box that turns my Hi-Gain TH3 antenna mounted on a Glen Martin Hazer at 30 feet on a Rohn 25 tower located in my back yard.

  My first license (Novice) I received in June 1956 at Little Rock Central High School.  Their club station (W5RFS)  consisted of AN/ARC-5 Command Radio Set on 40 meters on the 4th floor with a long wire antenna.    This is a view under my operating desk.  I have switched and un-switched receptacles that I control power going to my ham radio equipment.


My Antennas

80/75/40/20/10 m    120' Inverted "V" at 30 foot center - 8 foot on ends.
         40/20/10 m    Hi-Gain TH-3 at 30 feet on a Glen Martin Hazer on Rohn tower.
                  10 m    10 meter dipole at 20 feet.
                   2 m    Cushcraft ARX-2B Ringo Ranger on a Rohn 25 tower at 30 feet.
          VHF/UHF    Blackbird dual band "J" Pole at 12 feet.
Click here to see my QSL Card. 

                                                      Some of my favorite events.

Ham of the Year 2010 -
I was selected AARA Louisiana Section "Ham of the Year 2010".
Many Hamfest 2010 - Pie in the Face - Herman Campbell (KN5GRK) gets a cherry pie in the face by Virginia Bryant (KE5DJA). Recorded on Saturday, June 5, 2010.

"Grounded by Polio, Ham Operator Soars" - Article in The Advertiser - June21,2017

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