For a number of years, I have taken it on myself to take on a project to help my fellow ham radio operators by providing a service to help those wanting to sell, buy or trade ham radio equipment.

I also mail out announcements (QST's) such as ham radio events such as Special Events, Hamfests, and other items of interest that may be of interest to ham radio operators in general.

I mail out to about 400 ham radio operators, some of them have have friends on their "favorite" lists that pass along my e-mails so you never can tell how many receive my e-mails.  It seems to work very well, I do get compliments from people that have received results from these e-mails.  

If you would like to be added to my reflector, just send me your name, call and e-mail address to:

To be removed from list, just send me a e-mail with "REMOVE ME" in the subject line.


Reflector Rules to Follow

1.  Put as much information about the equipment you are selling, or looking for.  Use model numbers, condition, price along with
     photos (640 x 480) if available, and any other information about the item.  Only ham radio related equipment should be listed.
     Non-ham related will go in the trash.
2.  If you want to post a QST (announcement), please put the dates, times, and locations and spell check.
3.  Make sure you enclose contact information about the item such as name, call, e-mail and telephone number.
4.  Please send your e-mail (Bcc:) Blind Carbon Copy - all I want to see is the e-mail address of sender.  If you don't know how
     to do this, get someone to explain.  This will eliminate "spammers" from getting your friends e-mail address.
5.  Proof read your e-mail, make sure spelling is correct, I will not make any corrections to your text.  I don't have time to do so.
     I will send what I get.
I will not respond to inquiries I get regarding the merchandise others send out thru my reflector.
7.  If possible, please put your document in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format.  Some people cannot read a Open Office, Microsoft Word or other formats.

I have maintained this reflector for quite a few years now and would like to continue.  I don't get paid for this service and don't expect payment,
however if you want to make a donation to a Church or Charity of your choice, do so.  I get quite a few "THANK YOU 's" and that is
all I ask.  If you would like to be removed from the reflector list, please send a "Remove Me" e-mail to: