1st Grade
Hazen Elementary-Hazen, Arkansas

Hazen was a small rural town and I walked to and from school which was about a quarter of a mile. I don't remember too much about my first grade but I do remember that the school had "outdoor plumbing" which was located about 200 feet from the building. I do remember "doing my business" and missed the recess bell, well I was late for class and I was punished by the teacher by making me sit under her desk for 15 minutes, luckily she did not sit there because I would have probably bit her on the leg.

2nd & 3rd Grades
Keo Elementary - Keo, Arkansas

My second and third year was also in a small rural town and was heated with coal burning stoves, three classes per 
room, and outdoor plumbing. I do remember playing marbles at recess and walking to a country store and buying 
lunch. You could get a thick slice of baloney, a thick slice of cheese and a soda for 25 cents. I rode a school bus to 
and from school and sometimes we would walk the railroad tracks home which was about a mile away.  (click on 
picture for a larger view). 

4th Grade
England Elementary at England, Arkansas and Wilson Elementary, Oakhurst Elementary at Little
        Rock, Arkansas.

            Nothing very exciting happened during this time.

5th & 6th Grades
Rightsell Elementary - Little Rock, Arkansas 

            Nothing very exciting happened during this time.

7th thru 9th Grades
East Side Jr. High-Little Rock, Arkansas

During my Junior High days some interesting things happened to me and one I will 
remember until the day I die.
  In the 7th grade PE class, I had PE on Mondays, 
Wednesdays and Fridays. On Fridays you were to take your PE clothes home and 
have them washed for Monday. Well, I forgot to come to school on Monday with 
mine. I also had a "BIG" pencil sticking out of my notebook with a "BIG" eraser 
and the Coach asked me "why are you not dressed for PE?" I replied, "I forgot my 
PE outfit at home, Coach!" He then said, "that's a nice pencil you have there!" Then 
he took the pencil and cracked me on top of the head, "You won't forget them next 
time, will you?" "No Sir!", I replied. He then cracked me again on the head. "Make 
sure you don't!", he replied and then hit me again and carefully replaced the pencil 
in my notebook. After PE, I took that pencil and threw it as far as I could!

During the three years at Junior High, I worked in the cafeteria, the book store, and 
one of the three projectionist.  I received a gold pin for typing, a award for perfect                         
attendance a award for citizenship and my graduation diploma.                                                    (Click on images for full view)

10th thru 12th Grades
Little Rock Central High-Little Rock, Arkansas

During the 10th grade, my favorite courses were: Biology, Drafting, Typing, and Print Shop. I made all "A's" in Print Shop, I guess it was due to the fact that I had some experience from working in the print shop for the Little Rock Boy's Club.

In the 11th grade, I took Chemistry, 2nd Year Drafting, and Bookbinding. I also joined the Amateur Radio Club (W5RFS) and picked up a Novice Class License (KN5GRK) which was only good for one year at the time.

The Senior year was the most hectic of my school years. This was the year that the Federal Government integrated Little Rock Central High. Bomb scares, skirmishes between blacks and whites, clashes between citizens and Federal Troops happened on a daily basis. It was in the headlines in almost every newspaper in the world.  Here is a link to The Little Rock Nine. I received my High School diploma in 1958 and went on to electronic school.








                                                                                                                 Federal 101st First Airborne paratroopers escort African American pupils 
                                                                                                                Central High  School in Little Rock, Ark. without trouble. 1,000  
                                                                                                                paratroopers had been called by President Eisenhower to restore order and
                                                                                                                escort nine black students safely to class. 

        I attended the 50th Little Rock Central High Graduation and Anniversary of Integration.  At the bottom of page you will see a picture of me.

        Little Rock Central High School is the only High School on the National Historical Society records.  It had a Museum, Tourist Information Center. and a 
       Park dedicated to the school.

Draughn School of Radio
Downtown Little Rock, Arkansas

        After graduation from high school, I enrolled in Draughn School of Radio taking courses in basic radio and Radio Servicing, and TV Repair.  After    
        completing these courses, I enrolled in FCC Radio Communications where I received my First Class Radiotelephone License and which later became 
        General Radiotelephone License.  I finished the course and part of the program the school offered was to find you a job.  A opening at KLFY-TV in 
        Lafayette, Louisiana was available and I decided to check it out, so I hopped on a bus went there for a interview and was hired as audio technician.

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